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The journal is an interdisciplinary platform for presentation of research and innovations and will aim to publish two types of manuscripts: new basic research and innovations and studies with more applied orientation.

Manuscripts presenting simple recipes for food production with limited application and marginal or insufficient novelty; manuscripts duplicating any other previously published work; manuscripts that are currently under consideration or peer review or accepted for publication or in press or published elsewhere will be considered out of scope for the journal.

This journal will publish two online issues per year and will include reviews, research articles, short communications and technical reports.

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2021, Vol. 4., Iss. 2

Published: 2021-10-10


Prof. Eng. Stefan Georgiev Dragoev, DSc, Editor-in-Chief


Effect of blueberries addition during beer maturation on yeast metabolism

Rada Georgieva, Petar Nedyalkov, Vesela Nevelinova Shopska, Maria Kaneva


Evaluation of sugar and free amino acid during fermentation of ogi from maize, acha and sorghum

Adekunbi Adetola Malomo, Babatunde Olawoye, Abiola Folakemi Olaniran, Omowumi Ibipeju Olaniyi, Adedoyin Adedayo, Hezekiah Adekanmi Adeniran


Effect of process parameters of mashing on consumer properties and processability of polymalt extracts production process

Marina Leonidovna Mikulinich, Natalya Yurevna Azarenok, Polina Vitalievna Bolotova


Development and evaluation of low-fat ready-made dishes prepared by the sous vide process from hybrid sorubim fillets by using different treatments

Angela Dulce Cavenaghi-Altemio, Tais Cardoso da Silva, Thais Cardoso Merlo, Gustavo Graciano Fonseca


Evaluating the Flour Properties under Different Levels of Particle Size Distribution and Fine Bran Content

Zeyad A. Ahmed, Dr., Abeer S. Alhendi, Dr., Mohammed S. Hussein, Shaimaa A. Abed, Rana T. Alsallami


Extrusion of wheat semolina and cocoa shells

Nesho Georgiev Toshkov, Ventsislav Nenov Nenov, Bojidar Bozadjiev, Naiden Delchev, Erik Valov


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