For Authors

It is mandatory for authors to follow the instructions below. Manuscripts that are not prepared accordingly will not be processed.

Aims and scope
The challenges of modern human society call for extensive research on fundamentals and innovations aimed at ensuring the sustainable production of high-quality foods and the effective manufacture of a wide range of biotechnological products, including enzymes, medicines, food additives, etc.

Out of scope
- Manuscripts presenting simple recipes for food production of limited application and marginal novelty;
- Manuscripts duplicating any other previously published work, including your own previously published work;
- Manuscripts that are currently under consideration or peer review, or accepted for publication, or in press, or published elsewhere;
- Manuscripts of insufficient novelty in the field of Biotechnology (manuscripts focusing solely on culture medium optimization, simple analysis, etc.).

Ethics of publication
The journal endorses its own policy in the field of publication ethics. For more information about publication ethics please refer to:

All cases of data fabrication, plagiarism, image manipulation, result manipulation, etc. will lead to rejection of the manuscript and notification of the administration of the corresponding author’s affiliation institution.

Permission to reproduce figures or data, citation of published data
It is the authors’ responsibility to obtain permissions for the reproduction of figures, tables, or text from previously published works. Permission is also required for references to any unpublished data of other scientists.

All manuscripts will be checked twice for similarity with existing publications and for plagiarism using the iThenticate plagiarism detecting system: initially, during the Preliminary Assessment procedure of the manuscript, and then, during the Proofreading, immediately before the Production step leading to publication of the article.

In the Materials and Methods section, authors should refer protocols to the original papers and only their own modifications should be described in detail.

Manuscript preparation
Food Science and Applied Biotechnology
only publishes articles in the English language. The American spelling is preferred. The manuscripts must be grammatically and linguistically correct.

Authors who are not native English speakers are encouraged to use the help of experts fluent in English, or, alternatively, our English language editing service, at a fee of €10 VAT exclusive for the editing of one standard page (1,800 characters per page).

Types of contributions
The following categories of manuscripts are accepted for publication:

  • Research articles;
  • Review articles;
  • Short communications;
  • Technical notes;
  • Cover letters (in special cases).

Online submission of manuscripts
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