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Marina Leonidovna Mikulinich Natalya Yurevna Azarenok Polina Vitalievna Bolotova


The development of the technology of viscous polymalt extracts using bare-grained oats will provide the population with a functional food ingredient and products with specified consumer properties. Existing techniques for the production of extracts did not affect the study of temperature conditions and the duration of the process at the mashing stage, using bare-grained oats in its composition. Crops of Belarusian breeding were used as raw materials: barley (H. vulgare), bare-grained oats (A. sativa), wheat (Tr. aestivum) grain. Optimization of parameters in the production of polymalt wort based on barley, oat and wheat malt was carried out by regression analysis and weight coefficients. Dependencies of physico-chemical indices of oat-malt and polymalt worts on temperature and duration of mashing are established. These dependencies predict content of dry substances, maltose, amine nitrogen, protein and acidity in the process of production of worts. Optimal technological parameters were selected at the stage of barley-wheat-oat polymalt wort mashing, which made it possible to increase the dry substances by 12.5%, maltose – by 21.3%, protein – by 16.2% and filtration rate – by 25.0%. The maximum solid content 14.4%, maltose 11.4 g·(100·сm-3)-1, protein 1.22%, in polymalt wort achieved under the following modes: (3 ±1)°C for 30 minutes, (44±1)°C for 50 minutes, (53±1)°C for 60 minutes, (63±1)°C for 50 minutes, (72±1)°C for 20 minutes and (78±1)°C for 60 minutes.

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