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Tejashree Chikane Sonal Patil Pravin Bhushette Sachin Kalidas Sonawane


Amaranthus Tricolor L. (red amaranth) and Amaranthus Viridis (Green amaranth) are Amaranthaceae members, widely cultivated in Asia and consumed as a leafy vegetable in many parts of the world. This study deal with the nutritional and functional, and biochemical characterization of A. Tricolor and A. viridis . Single-factor experiments and Box Behnken Design (BBD) were used to optimize the extraction process for the phenolic compound from A. Tricolor and A. viridis . The BBD shows that 11.87mg/g phenolic extract of A. Tricolor produced at the optimal condition of solid to water ratio (1:15), temperature (30°C), and time (15 min). Similarly, A. viridis  isolated 18.36mg/g of phenolics at optimal condition solid to liquid ratio (1:30), temperature (30°C), and time (60 min). The radical scavenging activity of A. Tricolor and A. viridis  shows 63.52% and 19.27%, respectively, by the DPPH method. The bioactive compounds 3,4,5-Trihydroxystilbene and caffeic acid were found in A. Tricolor, and in A. viridis  it showed caffeic acid, which was identified using LC-MS/MS.

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