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Raisa Kondratenko Elena Urbanchik Tatyana Shchuplykova


The object of the study is a fermented wheat product with increased nutritional value. This product was obtained by steeping and germinating wheat grain in a solution of the enzyme preparation until sprouts no more than 2 mm in length appeared. Then it was dried and ground. The aim of the work is to study the chemical composition of the fermented wheat product to be used in the production of bakery products. It was established that in germinating wheat grain the amount of proteins and fiber increases 1,6 and 2,5 times respectively; the amount of total carbohydrates lowers (62,4 %) as a result of a decrease in the starch content (60,0 %), along with an increase in mono- and disaccharides by a factor of 1.5. Vitamin content (B complex) in the test product was found to be as follows: В1 – 0,19  mg, В2  – 0,09  mg, В3  – 7,24 mg, В4 – 0,089 mg, В5 – 0,67 mg,  В6 – 0,12 mg, В9 – 0,017 mg. Potassium is shown to predominate in the fermented product as for macro elements. After germination its amount increases twofold. Iron is the most abundant trace elements in the analyzed product (7,2  mg/100 g of product). Studies made into amino acid composition showed that the content of lysine amounts to 637  mg/00 g of product, leucine - 1145  mg/100 g of product. The data obtained make it possible to recommend a fermented wheat product for obtaining bakery products with an anti-stress effect and increased biological value

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