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Florence Abolaji Bello Unyime D. Esin


A study was conducted to improve yellow maize flour through the addition of cowpea and coconut pomace flour blends. The flours were optimized using the optimal mixture design of response surface methodology and functional properties were determined. The bulk density, swelling, water absorption, and oil absorption capacity were all significantly (p < 0.05) different. Run 1 (75% maize flour, 23.75% cowpea flour, and 1.25% coconut pomace flour), Run 2 (95% maize flour and 5% cowpea flour), Run 7 (70% maize flour and 30% cowpea flour) and Run 8 (90% maize flour, 5% cowpea flour and 5% coconut pomace flour) were selected as best overall functional properties. The selected flour blends were assessed for proximate composition, antioxidant properties, and pasting properties. Cowpea flour significantly (p < 0.05) increased crude protein content, while coconut pomace flour enhanced ash, crude fat, fiber, and energy content. The antioxidant and pasting properties showed Runs 2 and 8 with improved DPPH value and pasting properties. These flour blends might be suitable for developing complementary foods and ready-to-eat foods due to their low pasting properties.

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