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Oladeinde O Ogundipe Beatrice Mofoluwaso Fasogbon Ajibola O Ayeke Prisca N Nwosu Abiodun O Adebayo-Oyetoro Opeyemi R Faloye


The use of fat replacers in meat products has been explored due to the demand for nutritious and healthy meat products. The optimal blend of wheat and sweet potato flour as healthy alternatives wasinvestigated.Using standard procedure, samples formulated were analyzed for proximate, color, texture, sensory, and cooking properties. The cooking yield, diameter reduction and cooking loss value ranged between 56.13 -77.27%, 10.35 -15.03% and 18.01 -22.72% respectively. A significant (????<0.05)difference was observed in all the cooking properties of the beef patties. The color attributes of the beef patties with the inclusion of wheat and sweet potato flour were significantly (????<0.05)affected by the incorporation of the flour blends.An increase was observed in protein content as the addition of wheat flour increased while the inclusion of sweet potato flour decreased fat content. The presence of sweet potato flour significantly (????<0.05)affected all the textural attributes of the beef patties samples. The optimum ingredient ratio obtained was 24% wheat flour and 76% sweet potato flour. Replacing meat fat with wheat and sweet potato flour blends will produceacceptable beef patties.

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