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Dmytro Zhygunov Maryna Mardar Vassilina Kovalyova


The main reason for the wheat flour poor quality is a deviation in the enzymatic complex and the biopolymers state due to poor agricultural and technical conditions, pest damage to grain stocks, unfavorable storage conditions. The use of various bakery improvements allows to make the technological process and the quality of bread better.The article presents research on the stabilization of the quality of bakery flour with low amylolytic activity (PE - 426 s) and strong gluten (the quality of gluten on the DIG (deformation index of gluten) device is 40 conditional units. Enzyme preparations with amylase and hemicellulase activity and sulfur-containing amino acid cysteine were used as improvers. The effect of each improver on the baking properties of the flour was determined by the results of the laboratory baking test. Using a complex of these baking improvers makes it possible to increase the efficiency of each component due to the synergy of their action. The complex of improvers in medium dosages showed  best results of bread quality, organoleptic and physical parameters of bread improved, the specific volume of bread having increased from 2.4 to 4.3 cm3/g, i.е. in 1.8 times.


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