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Tatyana Samuylenko


The influence of the new flour nutrient substrates with the introduction of phyto raw materials on the viability and activity of lactic acid bacteria cultured in liquid acid-forming ferments, which are used for making bread from rye flour and mixture of rye and wheat flour, are established. It was established that the phyto raw materials leads to the stimulation of lactic acid bacteria. The highest stimulating ability is Echinaceae purpurea herba, and then Salviae Folia, Artemisia absinthium herba and Cortex Quercus.

Practical applications
Phyto raw materials as a component of flour nutrient substrates improves microbiological characteristics of liquid acid-forming ferments, in particular increases the total number of lactic acid bacteria and increases their activity. New conditions contribute to the accumulation of flavoring and aromatic substances that produce these microorganisms. This improves biotechnological properties of liquid acid-forming ferments, and thus will lead to increasing of consumer properties of bread from rye flour and mixture of rye and wheat flour.

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