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Nikolay Delchev Kolev


Nature is a source of natural additives that can be incorporated into the meat products’ matrix. Extracts from spices, herbs, nuts, fruits and vegetables are most common. The extracts can be from whole, individual parts, and from various waste products. Those extracts can be used in meat products for various purposes. They are rich in substances with antioxidant properties, such as anthocyanin, vitamins and polyphenols. Those substances are capable of inhibiting lipid and pigment oxidation, prolonging shelf life and at the same time having a positive effect on organoleptic characteristics. Sodium nitrite is almost essential ingredient in production of cooked meat products. Strict regulated use, the existing risk of carcinomas and even the direct toxicity of nitrites lead to increased interest in search of natural antioxidants. It is believed that they can maintain the quality characteristics of meat products with reduced nitrite content. In the past decade there is a growing interest in the search for, certification and implementation of safe natural additives. The growing demand for the so-called "clean label" foods is the driving force for many of the conducted researches in the last two decades.

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