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Mohit Sharma Charanjiv Singh Saini


The objective of this study was to investigate the influence of flaxseed protein isolate coating solutions (FPC1 & FPC2) comprising of flaxseed protein (3% w v-1 and 5% w v-1) enriched with 20% glycerol (on a protein isolate basis), tween-40 (20% w v-1) and 20% guar gum on the quality attributes of guava fruit stored under the controlled conditions of 65% RH and 20℃ temperature. The use of edible coatings notably delayed the spoilage of guava, which was examined by studying the quality parameters associated with the ripening of whole guavas. There was retardation of oxidative browning, polyphenol contents and reduction in ascorbic acid content as compared to control samples. Moreover, coating treatments predominately decrease the total plate counts, reflected in the Colony-forming unit (CFU g-1) and significantly (p < 0.05) decrease the water loss. The non-coated samples of guavas showed a consistent reduction in lightness (L*) values when confronted with coated fruits. Sensory scores for taste, colour, texture, flavour and overall acceptability were higher for all the coated samples than control (non-coated) samples of guavas. Thus, the flaxseed protein isolate-based coatings have shown the potential in protecting the quality attributes of guavas and enhance the shelf life up to 16 days.

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