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Margarita Nikolaeva Terziyska Maria Doneva Petya Metodieva Iliana Nacheva


A synbiotic is a product in which a probiotic and a prebiotic are combined at the same time. The benefits of synbiotics for human health are indisputable and this increases interest in them. This paper investigates the effect of particle size and storage time on the moisture content of granulated lyophilized synbiotic products - "LIO - Strawberry Milk" and "LIO - Aronia Milk". For each of these two products, four variants of mixtures are prepared - Variant 1 - a lyophilized product with added 30% sucrose; Option 2 - a lyophilized product with added 10% sucrose and 2% fructooligosaccharides (FOS); Option 3 - a lyophilized product with added 10% sucrose and 2% locust bean gum and Option 4 - a lyophilized product with added 10% sucrose, 1% locust bean gum and 1% FOS. A two-factor analysis of variance was used for the study. The obtained results show that the two factors - particle size and storage time have no mutual influence on the humidity of the studied products. However, they have a significant impact individually. It was also established that the size of the particles is directly dependent on the type and concentration of the added substances.

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