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Valentin T. Golovan Denis A. Yurin Anna N. Gneush Nadezhda L. Machneva Ekaterina A. Maxim


The purpose of the experiment was to study the influence of the type of higher nervous activity (HNA) on the secretion of organic components of milk in various milking conditions. Under the influence of the unconditioned stimulus "inadequate udder preparation" in the milk of machine milk in cows in the morning milking: I HNA type - secretion and percentage of milk fat and the ratio of percentage of fat to percentage of lactose decreases, while in all other types there is a decrease in the percentage of fat and protein. In the unbalanced (II) type, the average duration of the milk flow cycle decreases; in the inert (III) and weak (IV) type, the concentration of fat and lactose decreases, and the ratio of fat to lactose in the latter. It is advisable to characterize the stress resistance of animals based on knowledge of their types of HNA. At the same time, the complexity of their determination by known methods should be noted. In dairy farming, it is necessary to provide for the presence of all types of HNA among the cows and take into account their individual characteristics in terms of resistance to stress, the level of milk production and milk yield. It is recommended to apply the model of dairy cows developed by us to objectively determine the type of their stress resistance in production conditions. The presented patterns of changes in the secretory function of the mammary gland under the influence of tested stress factors on dairy cows of different types of higher nervous activity should be used to develop express methods for determining the types of stress resistance in animals and completing the herds of dairy farms.

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