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Krasimir Dimov Teodora Popova


A meta-analysis of the effect of gamma irradiation on the microbial status and colour in raw chicken meat was performed. A total of 14 studies were selected and data about the total viable count (TVC), coliforms (TCC), instrumental colour measurements - lightness (L*), redness (a*) and yellowness (b*) was extracted for evaluation in gamma treated and untreated meat. Due to the high between study heterogeneity, the meta-analysis was conducted through random-effects model applied on the raw mean difference (effect size) for each outcome of interest. The results of the meta-analysis showed that gamma irradiation considerably decreased TVC and TCC (P<0.001). Gamma rays also significantly diminished L* (P=0.013), but increased a* and b* (P<0.001). The meta-regression models showed that the dose of the radiation contributed to the overall effect of irradiation TVC (P=0.006), TCC (P=0.074) and a*(P=0.007). The effect of gamma rays on TVC was further influenced by storage (P=0.007), while package affected the increase of a* (P=0.100).

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