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Desislav Balev Desislava Vlahova-Vangelova Stefan Dragoev Lili Baleva Michaela Dimitrova Nikolay Delchev Kolev


The aim of study was to explore the dry distilled rose petals extract (DDRPE) addition to Bulgarian lukanka type dry fermented sausages with half-reduced nitrate content. There was studied the antioxidative effect of DDRPE in lukanka filling mass on color characteristics, pH, acid value (AV), peroxide value (POV), TBARS and sensory characteristics. Four samples: C100 - 0.500 g/kg nitrate without DDRPE, C50 - 0.250 g/kg nitrate without DDRPE, R1 - 0.250 g/kg nitrate and 1.140 g/kg DDRPE and R2 - 0.250 g/kg nitrate and 2.280 g/kg DDRPE were examined dynamically on the 1-st, the 10-th and 18-th d during the sausage processing. The color brightness (L*) at the end of the experiment was the highest in C100 and R1 while the redness (a*) and yellowness (b*) values were higher in R1 samples only. The pH was the lowest in R2 and R1. An increase in AV during the studied period was evidence for an outgoing lipolysis in all samples. In comparison to using 2.280 g/kg DDRPE (R2), the addition of 1.140 g/kg DDRPE (R1) demonstrates a better inhibitory effect on lipid peroxidation (POV, TBARS) of traditional Bulgarian dry fermented sausages. C100 had the highest sensory scores followed by R2.

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